What is Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect?

Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect – this product is based on an open-cell melamine foam, density 10 kg/m3, with unique hydrophobic properties (resistant to water and moisture) and is obtained in the hydrophobisation process in Maad company.

Properties of Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect

  • waterproof foam
  • foam resistant to moisture
  • foam which does not absorb water
  • foam which will serve as an acoustic insulation
  • foam ideal as thermal insulation
  • soundproof foam
  • foam resistant to noise
  • hydrophobic foam
  • oleophobic foam
  • foam which does not absorb oil
  • foam permeable for water vapour
  • open-cell foam


Fields of Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect applications

Transportation sector:

  • silencing of train’s doors
  • silencing of train’s floors
  • ventilating ducts
  • silencing of train’s walls
  • guard of drive bogies
  • power unit chamber
  • gaskets around windows
  • gaskets on floors’ joints
  • gaskets on the joints of side walls
  • gaskets around the doors
  • thermal insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • soundproofing of bus’ doors
  • soundproofing of bus’ floors
  • silencing of cars
  • soundproofing of car’s chassis
  • silencing of car’s doors
  • silencing of car’s roofs
  • car engine casing
  • yacht’s engine chamber
  • ship’s ventilating ducts
  • soundproofing of ship’s walls
  • silencing of yacht’s floors
  • insulation of aeroplanes
  • soundproofing of aircrafts

Building industry

  • ventilating ducts
  • silencing of building’s walls
  • door’s soundproofing
  • thermal insulation
  • silencing of walls with waterproof material
  • soundproofing of doors with material which does not absorb water
  • silencing a building with material resistant to moisture
  • soundproofing of operating theatres

Construction of machines

  • silencing of cooling machines enclosures
  • soundproofing of household appliances
  • silencing of electronic equipment
  • soundproofing of food processing machinery
  • silencing of food display cabinets
  • silencing of machine motors
  • soundproofing of machine sound
  • silencing of medical equipment
  • guards of noise-generating machines
  • soundproofing of ventilation system
  • soundproofing of compressors

Other sectors

  • silencing of shooting range
  • modification of rooms’ acoustics
  • soundproofing of spray booths
  • silencing of compressors
  • silencing of engine rooms
  • structures of wind power plants
  • soundproofing of windmills
  • silencing of hydroelectric power plants
  • silencing of air conditioning
  • silencing of ventilation

The quality of Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect is confirmed by laboratory tests.

We have a fully equipped test laboratory, in which we are able to control the production process and its reliability on an ongoing basis, at our disposal. See more.

How the Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect is produced?

In 2018 Maad company launched a unique technological line for production of Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect.

We are pleased to inform you that we are implementing another project co-financed with funds from the European Union – implementing innovations in the field of hydrophobic foam for soundproofing and thermal insulation elements.


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