Why you should use melamine foam in public transport

Benefits of using MAAD MF10 Hydro Protect as insulation material in public transport vehicles.


Comfortable travel and work in silence – these features are very desirable in public transport. Using Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect during the construction process of vehicles ensures just such properties. MAAD company, as one of the leading European suppliers of acoustic and thermal insulation materials, cooperating with the largest manufacturers in the rail and bus industry, recommends Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect as a product that suits perfectly for the insulation of motor vehicles and rail vehicles.


Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect is a melamine foam based on melamine resin. Due to its structure, it is also an excellent thermal insulation product. Moreover, the product meets the most important standards for bus vehicles, ECE R-118.02, as well as standard EN 45545-2 applicable to rail vehicles.


The most important features of MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT:

  • Low weight (about 9 kg / m3) 

When constructing vehicles for public transport, the weight of the materials is crucial.  Every kilogram saved per m2 is a huge benefit. Weight of MAAD MF 10 HYDRO is very low, which makes the product perfect as an insulation material that does not cause unnecessary load on the entire vehicle.

  • High level of sound absorption (up to 90%)

The material perfectly absorbs high-frequency sounds.  The sound absorption of the material meets the requirements of standard DIN 52212 – it is a guarantee of great effects that ensure ideal soundproof properties for a vehicle intended for public transport.

  • Low thermal transmittance

MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT is one of the best thermal insulators available on the market. Conductivity coefficient of this material is <0.0033 W/mK – which makes the product unrivaled compared to easily available materials such as, for example, mineral wool. In addition, the material meets the requirements of standard DIN EN12667, which is why it can be successfully used as thermal insulation in the most difficult conditions and in the strictest requirements of public transport.

  • Non-flammable and high temperature resistance

The material is extremely resistant to both high and low temperatures. MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT can be used in the temperature range from -200°C to 240°C. In addition, it meets the requirements of non-flammability standards EN45545-2 and ECE R 118, thanks to which the product can be considered a fire resistant product, which is essential for the safety of public transport vehicles.

  • Easy application

The product is very easy to process. Melamine foam does not crumble, does not cause dirt, and does not cause problems when cutting and assembling in a vehicle.

  • Humidity resistance

MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT is a hydrophobic material. In 2018, Maad Sp. z o.o. developed and patented a technology for the production of hydrophobic melamine foam. The resistance of insulation materials to moisture and water is extremely important in public transport vehicles in which water condensates inside the vehicle, and where breakdowns and leaks are also possible.

Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect can be used as insulation for walls, roofs and floors.

The material is easy to process, so it is possible to cut virtually any shape that will perfectly fit into the vehicle structure.


Using Maad MF 10 Hydro Protect translates into excellent insulation with high acoustic and thermal parameters, which, thanks to its low weight, does not load the vehicle. The product meets the most important railway and car standards concerning fire protection. MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT is an insulation that can be easily installed in any vehicle.


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