Design of insulation

This department was created to provide customers with complete order service. By adding engineering and design facilities, we have expanded both knowledge and the experience of our specialists in insulation materials as well as the production capacity, creating the same mechanism of order processing which ensures professional service at all stages of the creation of isolation.

The two basic elements make up the basis for the start of design work. The first one is a 3D model provided by the customer or created by our company employees on the basis of CAD, PDF documentation, or inventory of the actual surface and space requiring insulation materials using. The second is a list of insulation materials, their combinations and types of coating and laminations, in which selection we serve with the vast knowledge and experience of our experts. Based on this information, our engineers develop the optimal geometry for the insulation forms taking into consideration their required properties, the necessary volume and the ease of installation. Each of the forms is marked in the appropriate manner and in accordance to the wishes of the client. On this basis we create a comprehensive technical documentation for each of the forms, their sets and instructions for their assembly. Thanks to the nesting software a highly efficient production is prepared and the manufacturing capabilities ensure the implementation of advanced orders.

Carrying out the design work of insulation construction in this manner, allows professional and comprehensive service. Starting from the idea through the development of insulation geometry, qualified workers prepare the technical and constructional documentation and the efficient production of ready-made sets of isolation.

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