We have a fully equipped research laboratory in which we are able to control the production process and its repetition on a regular basis. The laboratory and a team of qualified employees allow us to perform a series of tests that determine the properties of our products. We also carry out tests for external clients.

Below you can find a list of our laboratory tests and measuring devices:

Research on the thermal conductivity coefficient of insulating materials
Device: NETZSCH HFM 436/3/1E

Static and dynamic contact angle of materials and liquids
Coefficient of contact angle and interfacial tension – goniometer Ramé-Hart 190 CA

Environmental tests in changing climatic conditions (temperature -40 – 150°C, humidity 20 – 98% RH).
LY-280B climate chamber

Research of mechanical properties in a uniaxial tensile, compression and bending test using a machine that can withstand up to 5kN (500kG)
Universal testing machine QC-508M1F

Microscopic testing of material structure, surface defects, cracks and other organoleptic material tests
SteroBlue stereoscopic microscope

Studies of moisture content and other liquids in solid and loose materials
Moisture Balance MB90

Precise mass measurements
Adventurer analytical balance
Adventurer AX8201M precision scale

Determination of liquid pH level
pH / mV meter: SevenCompact pH meter S210

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