Gluing to EN 17460, DIN 2304-1

Wishing to meet the expectations of our customers and implementing the continuous development plan, we would like to inform you that on December 2023, we successfully completed the certification audit of the adhesive bonding process according to EN17460 in class A1 and DIN2304-1 in class S1 thus successfully completing the certification process.

The fulfilment of the requirements of the EN17460, DIN2304-1 standard and have the competencies required to properly carry out the adhesive binding process has been confirmed by an independent certification body TBB CERT.

The EN 17460 adhesive bonding process certificate entitles us to make adhesive bonds on rail vehicles up and inclusing class A1  and guarantees the high quality of the elements manufactured with the use of adhesive bonding technology.

The certificate DIN 2304-1 class S1 is for bonding in industry, automotive, ship building.

We have qualified technical staff with the authorization of the (EAB) European Adhesive Bonder and supervising staff with the certification of the (EAS) European Adhesive Specialist and (EAE) European Adhesive Engineer. The bonding process itself is carried out in a special room that meets the requirements of EN 17460, DIN2304-1  for bonding and is subject to constant inspection.



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