Machining Alucore

Thanks to the great possibilities of our machine park, we can cut and mill, among others, Alucore.


Unlike traditional sandwich panels with a honeycomb core, the ALUCORE® panel flexibly adheres to a continuous production process.  This is the basis for a high-quality product.  The material does not react as hard or brittle, but as a flexible panel and has unique peel strength parameters.  Therefore, the mechanical properties, such as the tensile strength of the surface sheets on the one hand, and the processing characteristics and aesthetics values on the other hand, make ALUCORE® the material of choice for designers, architects, and constructors.

The continuous production method allows for manufacturing ideally flat panels up to 9 m long. Accurate, technically flawless details in various applications can be easily realized with standard tools.  Due to the special properties of ALUCORE®, it is ideal not only for exterior applications, such as façade cladding, roofing, balconies, canopies, etc., but also for interior finishing, e.g. for floor coverings, as well as in transport and industry.

In addition to its low weight and excellent flatness, the ALUCORE® panel stands out by its high resistance to weather conditions.  Only high-quality paint systems with optimum resistance to weather conditions and industrial emissions are used for surface treatment.


The standard core is made of aluminium foil of AlMn alloy (EN AW 3003) ‘b’ cell size: 9.5mm.

The outer sheets of ALUCORE® panels are made of corrosion-resistant Peraluman alloys (AlMg/5005A) and can be modified – in terms of decoration and structure – according to the intended use.

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