From design to implementation

Maad is not only a manufacturer of insulation systems.  The company is primarily a leader in the process of designing, certification, and connecting various structures of insulation materials.  Our goal is to improve acoustic and thermal comfort in public transport vehicles, in the construction industry, automotive, other branches of industry, and medicine.  The high quality of products, services, and continuous development of the company is proven by the certificate of the international standard of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 obtained in 2015.

MAAD is involved and participates in projects from scratch. Our customers present their requirements and expectations concerning insulation, then employees of MAAD, who are top-class specialists with many years of experience in the industry, assist in implementing the best solution.

Below is a diagram of the processes used to create new project for our clients:

  1. R&D Department will help you choose the right materials or composites or will offer you a solution consisting of several interconnected layers of materials that will create a coherent whole that meets customers’ requirements. An additional guarantee of high-quality elements manufactured with the use of adhesion technology is the adhesion certificate held by the company, which confirms compliance with the requirements of DIN 6701-2. MAAD has its research laboratory in which products can be freely tested in terms of acoustics, thermics, hydrophobicity, and temperature resistance. R&D Department will also assist in obtaining any product certification, if required.
  2. Technology Department, which consists of a team of experienced constructors, will design the entire insulation and the arrangement of individual forms on vehicles, devices, or in construction, in such a way that they are correctly made and maintain the highest level acoustic and insulation parameters.
  3. Last but not least important stage is manufacturing process of the designed insulation forms. MAAD focuses on the quality of workmanship, which is why manufacturing processes, packaging, and shipping are carried out with the greatest care, according to technologies developed and often patented by the company. The use of appropriate manufacturing technologies, e.g. nesting, and the implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, leads to the maximum reduction of the company’s negative impact on the environment.
  4. When the insulation is installed by our clients, MAAD arrives to check the quality of the insulation implementation. Thanks to many years of experience, the company will also perform acoustic and thermal tests to verify their effectiveness.

MAAD focuses on providing a comprehensive service, which results in the “tailor-made” insulations offered by the company.  The client does not have to be a specialist in the field of insulation – the company will provide its assistance in processes, and a qualified team will be happy to advise you at every stage.

An individual design, a selective selection of materials forming a composite and a team of top-class specialists result in an excellent effect in the form of top-class acoustic and thermal insulation.


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