We wish to inform you that on 17 December 2018, the POLISH PATENT OFFICE officially granted patent covering the entire territory of Europe for the production line MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT.

This means that the production process was classified as innovative, and at the same time conforming and safe, and that the final product meets all the criteria concerning insulation and hydrophobic properties to the highest degree. Obtaining a patent means that the production line and the product itself are subject to systematic testing and control to maintain high quality. The patented production concerning the MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT product guarantees that the company MAAD has the exclusive rights to produce the hydrophobic melamine foam in the manner specified in the patent.

We are proud that after many years of hard work, we can officially present a document that confirms the patent granted for our product, MAAD MF 10 HYDRO PROTECT, and its production process. The entire company worked on the implementation of technology and production process, starting at the R&D Department, Technology Department, employees and production staff, and finishing at the Sales Department, which placed the product on the market.

We are certain that our product will prove to be even more popular on the market thanks to its excellent parameters and that its presence will be common in the following industries: rail, bus, shipbuilding, aviation, automotive, and construction.


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