“There is really no end to the march of invention.” Edgar Allan Poe


We continuously strive to expand the range of our materials as well as to expand their properties.

Each product that we recommend to a particular target group (industry) is safe and fulfills its function. To assure this we carry out research, tests and experiments, all of which result in modern and safe goods.

Work on the upgrading of materials is long and costly; we protect our knowledge and creativity with winning patents.

Patent for invention entitled: Damping plate for filling empty closed spaces

Pursuant to Art. 24, in conjunction with Art. 315, par. 3 and pursuant to Art. 52 of the Act of 30 June 2000, Industrial Property Law (Journal of Laws of 2013, item. 1410, as amended), the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, having examined the application numbered P.404085 dated 27-05-2013, grants Maad Sp. z o.o. the patent for the invention entitled: Damping plate for filling empty closed spaces.

The solution of the invention allows the use of the lightweight foam with open pores, which reduces its weight, and the use of the sealed casing in it eliminates the formation of corrosion sources in metal closed spaces.

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